We offer so much more to our Stagecoach Theatre Arts classes than just singing, dancing & acting.

We really develop our students performance capacity by nuturing their talents and broadening their interests.

We love to see our students  grow creatively and socially through the skills they learn.,Their self esteem and confidence also improves greatly through performance setting them up for their future, what ever that may be!
Our fun and friendly classes operate during term time, out of school hours, and run for three hours each week.  Students are split by age into small groups so we can give every individual the attention they deserve.

Each lesson is different engaging in a wide variety of performance skills and styles. With three terms a year we structure the lessons so that each term has a focus; the first one being on the skills of singing, dancing and acting, the second term allows students to practise and hone these skills, and the third term sees students gaining performance practise in front of friends and family.

Acting classes for children & teenagers at Stagecoach

Students transform before our very eyes through the power of acting. Our drama classes give students the opportunity to use their imagination to it's full potential as we work together on role play, improvisation and performance texts. There are opportunities to present new and improved skills in front of friends and family too allowing students to experience the buzz of live performance!

As a parent you’ll notice an improvement in your child’s confidence and communication skills, including clearer diction and a wider range of vocabulary. Students also grow in self-esteem and social awareness.

Singing classes at Stagecoach

During our singing classes, students are introduced to different rhythms and tempos and learn a variety of vocal techniques to help them control their vocals. Students can come with suggestions of particular songs they have connections with, this helps with delivering in an intention within the lyrics. After a while parents will notice an improvement in their child’s diction and singing range, and will be delighted to see an increase in confidence and ability.

Dance classes at Stagecoach

Our dance classes give students the perfect opportunity to get fit, have fun and work off some of that energy!  We teach a variety of dance styles and routines from pop and street dance to musical theatre.  Not only is dancing a great mood enhancer, it also improves body tone, fitness and stamina levels.  It’s not long before students see an improvement in their technique and co-ordination, giving them the confidence to try other sports activities at school and in their spare time.