Picture this!  The party is in full swing, guests are chatting and having fun. Suddenly there is an erruption of thunder.  The lights go out.  A scream…

Don't panic, all is as it should be! This is just one of the ways your Stagecoach murder mystery swaree can kick off...

Your Murder Mystery Party can be any theme, whether that be murder on a cursed Caribbean island, a cruise ship or a Parisian fashion party.

Our detective host will take care of all the entertainment on the day or evening. The parties last for two and a half hours and take place around a three course meal.  You will be expected to choose and hire a venue, cater for the event and, of course, choose the date, time and place.

We will give you themed party invitations and a brief party introduction to send out to your guests. Each attendee will be given a character to play, it is then up to them to become that character at your party (in full fancy dress of course!)  

Each guest will also receive a Murder Mystery Party Pack from the party detective to take home after the party. This will include a script, pad, pen and pencil.

If you have any other requirements please discuss them with your local Stagecoach party host.  We are happy to help you to ensure your child or teen has a fabulous party.